Summer Reading

Students Entering 6th Grade in 2019-2020

This summer please read at least 2 books from the Governor's Reading Challenge. You can follow the link below to the summer reading challenge. After you finish reading, you must post 2 videos to the FlipGrid. You will find the grid using this link: The password is: GreatOak Make sure you record your video under the Summer Reading 2019 grid. All FlipGrid tasks will be stored on the FlipGrid site. You can record the videos on any device. There is an app available. Please include your first name and last initial. Governor's Reading Challenge Link:

Students Entering 7th Grade in 2019-2020

Dear Students, Welcome! We look forward to an engaging learning experience in 7th grade ELA. Below are the guidelines for your summer reading project. You are required to read two books this summer and complete one choice project. For one book you have read, be prepared to participate in a class activity on Friday, August 30, 2019. Participation in this activity will demonstrate your understanding of the book. If possible, please bring in the book for use during the activity. For the second book you have read, you must complete the below project. Your completed project must include a cover page, one of the choice activities listed below, and a works cited page. This project must be completed and submitted by Friday, August 30, 2019. Digital projects can be submitted in the Google classroom; your ELA teacher will provide the classroom code the first week of school. Cover Page Please include the following components for a cover page for your project: a. Title of your independent reading book b. Author of your independent reading book c. Genre of your independent reading book d. Your name e. Your class period Project Choices 1. Newspaper Article: Are you a journalist trapped in the body of a middle school student? Take this chance to let your inner journalist shine. Identify the major conflict (problem) in your book of choice. Then, turn that conflict into an action-packed news story. Adhere the following guidelines: ○ Article consists of three paragraphs (7-10 sentences each paragraph) and fits on standard 8 ½ x 11 size paper. ○ Article includes the who, what, when, where, and why in descriptive detail using specific textual evidence from the book. ○ The article must include the features of a newspaper (photo with caption, title of article, your name as the author, name of your newspaper, article is clear and easy to read, free from errors in spelling/grammar, article is typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font). 2. Alternate Ending: Have you ever loved a book but hated the ending? Well, this is your chance to make things right. For this assignment, you get to step into the shoes of the author and rewrite the ending. Adhere the following guidelines: ○ Write a two paragraph (7-10 sentences each paragraph) summary of the book with the original ending. ○ Rewrite your version of the ending to include descriptions of the setting and characters, dialogue, and a NEW solution to the problem that was present in the book. ○ The new ending must be a paragraph (7-10 sentences) or longer. ○ Rewrite must be free from errors in spelling/grammar. ○ Rewrite is typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. Font. 3. Comic Strip: Who says comics are for kids? Take your novel of choice and turn it into an artistic masterpiece! Check out these websites for some comic strip templates or help with creating the strip ( or Adhere to the following guidelines: ○ Comic must include a minimum of 8 scene squares. ○ First scene square must contain student name, title of the book, and author of the book. ○ Each stage of the plot must be represented on the comic strip (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution). ○ Each scene square must include pictures and speech bubbles. ○ Comic should be completed neatly and in full color. 4. Character Analysis: Time to the meet the characters you love (or love to hate). Using Google Slides, provide a closer look at the character in the novel. Adhere to the following guidelines: ○ Presentation must include an analysis of three characters. ○ Each analysis must include the character’s name, three character traits with textual evidence from the text to illustrate each trait, picture (use descriptions from the book to find a picture of what the character could look like). ○ Presentation must be free from errors in spelling/grammar. Works Cited Please create a works cited page for any source (audio, visual, novel) that you use for your project.

Your page MUST be in proper MLA-8 format. Having trouble finding a book to read?

Try the following suggested books: Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge list ● 2019 Nutmeg Book Award list ●

Students Entering 8th Grade in 2019-2020

Dear Rising 8th Grader, Congratulations on completing your Seventh Grade year! We hope your summer is filled with excitement and the long needed break you deserve. While you are vacationing, or enjoying the comfort of sleeping an extra hour or two, we do not want you to forget the ability to appreciate a wonderful book. Parents and teachers would agree that inactive reading leads to losing the cognitive skills you have gained throughout the school year. In order to bridge this gap, Great Oak Middle School strongly enforces summer reading activities for all students. All students must complete summer reading activities before their Eighth Grade year begins. Summer reading assignments are due on Friday, August 30, 2019. This assignment will count as a grade for Language Arts. Students are required to read and complete the activities below: Assignment Step 1: Read two books. We have provided a link to the Governor’s summer reading challenge and the nutmeg book nominees for a list of grade appropriate texts. At Great Oak Middle School we encourage students to explore their own interests. The list of reading choices was designed to encourage you to dive deeper into subjects you may already enjoy. You are to use these books to complete the required reading project in Step 2. Step 2: Each student is responsible for completing two assignments from the choices below. You must complete one assignment for each of your books. Links: Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge: 2019 Nutmeg book nominees: